New and Updates

7th May and the walk is done! What an amazing experience. Thanks to everyone who made it such a great weekend and especially to all who donated. To see how we got on, why not take a look at the facebook page here.

1st of May tomorrow and we are nearly there now. The next updates will probably be during the walk, but before that, just a little bit of news……….

Many of you will know that I am a life long Manchester City supporter. On behalf of Conor and the walk, the Cork Branch of the Manchester City Supporters Club applied for a community grant from Manchester City and City have given us the maximum grant of £500 (€580). A cheque will be presented to the Cork Simon Community in May.

April 2019: Enjoying the great weather with less than 2 weeks to go now. Let’s hope it is a nice weekend for the walk:

Only 3 weeks to go now and it is coming around very fast.

We have done the last of our big training walks and are now just doing the odd 10-15km walk to keep ticking over.

We have a new Facebook page now (thanks Dawn!) and you can see it here.

Mar 2019: The route has now been finalised. See the new Route Page for details and if you live somewhere nearby then please cheer us along. Or if you can join us at the start or finish, please do! We would love to see you.

Remember too, if you are going to come to Tullamore on Monday 6th May and want to stay the night, we can get a reduction on room costs at the Central Hotel, so just let us know names and numbers (via the contact page) and we will get back to you.

Feb 2019: Mid February now and we completed our first 30km training walk and blimey it was hard. We slept well that night! The next milestone will be to do a 30km followed by another long walk the following day, to see if our muscles can take it!

Owen did his first 20km walk this week too, so we are in full swing on both sides of the English channel.

Jan 2019: It is January and we are now getting out and trying to get fit for the walk.

We will keep you posted right up until the walk itself and if you want to get in touch at any point, just email us at

The plan on the final day in Tullamore is to come in along the canal and then walk through the town, out to the Charleville Estate and the King Tree. Why not wait for us on the canal bridge and walk with us to the end.

We will then head back to Joe Lees bar for a well earned drink, where we will also have music in the evening, hopefully featuring all of the songs that are linked on this site (and if all goes to plan, many more too!).